SmallHD Focus 7 Bolt 500 RX Monitor - MON-F7-BOLT500RX

The display on the FOCUS 7 Bolt doesn’t disappoint. With Full HD resolution, 1000 nits of brightness, and 100% REC 709 color, the wireless monitor utilizes the same beautiful display as the FOCUS 7 monitor. In fact, the two monitors are nearly identical dimensionally. Touchscreen controls provide agility through customizable software toolsets. 

Included with the FOCUS 7 Bolt 500 RX is a set of lightweight monitor handles and neck strap. The handles are detachable; so using the 7-inch, HDMI monitor on-camera is an option. Integrated Sony L Series battery slots help keep the FOCUS Bolt slim and easy to manage. The chassis on the FOCUS Bolt is made from an impact resistant, lightweight ABS. All in all, this daylight viewable monitor/receiver adds amazing versatility on set, without adding bulk.