Xlite 65cm Pro Shallow Umbrella Octa Softbox + Grid for Elinchrom 08.1.1040E

Special Price $190.00 Regular Price $229.00

Xlites Shallow Series Softboxes come shaped as an Octa and in two sizes 65cm and 105cm. Designed with a recessed front edge so the included grid can be easily fitted in order to meet the specific needs of all types of photographers. These newly designed lighting modifiers have been manufactured to stand up to everyday use by professional photographers.

  • Folds down like a regular Umbrella, but expands straight into a Octa softbox for instant use
  • The softbox is made from durable, heat-resistant material, making it suitable for use with any flash, LED and fluorescent light sources
  • The stippled silver lining provides for even, edge-to-edge light throughout the softbox
  • An internal and an external diffuser are included (both removable) for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of flash light
  • A grid is included for better control of light on the subject or background