Xlite Pro 12K Octa Softbox 65cm + Grid + S-Type Mount 08.1.2005

Special Price $188.00 Regular Price $209.00

Introducing the new and improved Xlite Pro 12K Octa collapsible umbrella frame-style softboxes. These softboxes are superior over generic soft boxes as these do not take the same amount of time setting up and are definitely a lot easier to set up.

Working in the same respects as an umbrella, the softbox simply expands open by pulling onto the lever and collapse in reverse. This will save you precious time while shooting and as it's design doesn't use the centred umbrella system you will not loose any light output making it a very efficent light modifier.

  • Fits Aputure, Godox & other S-Type mount lights
  • 12 Quick release tabs to assemble and collapse the softbox
  • Made from heavy duty heat resistant, high-quality materials
  • The stippled silver lining provides for even, edge-to-edge light throughout the softbox
  • A grid is included for better control of light on the subject or background
  • An internal and an external diffuser are included (both removable) for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of light
  • Includes Carry Bag
  • Includes S-Type / Bowens Adaptor
  • Optional Gel Holder Available
  • Add a Godox S2 Bracket to use with speedlites