Boya BY-CM5 Mini USB Microphone 500461 NO STOCK

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The BOYA BY-CM5 is a USB condenser microphone, which delivers high-quality sound in all recording applications, such as podcasting, live-streaming, home-studio recording, video conference call and more.

Designed with a touch click, BY-CM5 is to help users to switch between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns easily. Use the cardioid setting to reject off-axis noise, minimizing room tone even when speaking directly into the mic. It is suitable for podcasting, vocal and instrument recording. Choose omnidirectional pattern to capture audio all around the capsule, which is great for work that features multiple voices like interviews and video conferences.

With USB-A and USB-C cables included, just plug and you're ready to get started. The BY-CM5 is compatible with most Android devices, tablets with USB-C connectors and PC, Mac/Windows computers.