B+W 49mm High-Transmission MRC-Nano Master Circular Polariser Filter 1101626

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B+W polarizing filters augment the purity of intrinsic colors and increase color saturation - they are among the most important filters for analog and digital photography.

Because the filter mounts rotate, the polarization effect can be visibly controlled in the viewfinder or on the monitor display. Another effect of the B+W polarizer is to reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, and glossy paint.

  • Grease-free polarizing filter for easy rotation
  • Easier to attach due to new varnish technology
  • Durable and robust due to brass mount
  • For all lenses with front thread
  • Optimal for super wide angle to telephoto lenses
  • Made in Germany

    Coating: MRC nano