Benro GoPlatform Laptop / Projector Platform GSPP

Special Price $222.00 Regular Price $279.00

Mount a laptop or projector to your Benro tripod. Comes with a securing strap & safety lip on the outer edge. Can support 13 & 15 inch Macbooks.

The GoPlatform is a laptop/projector tray that mounts to a photo tripod via Arca Swiss, 3/8"-16, 1/4"-20 or 5/8" when attaching to a C stand. You can securely mount your laptop with the included tie down strap.

The lightweight aluminum tray is vented to allow for better air flow. The outer edge of the tray also includes a safety lip. The GoPlatform fits 13 inch and 15 inch MacBookPro laptops.

  • The GSPP is a vented aluminum tray designed to support a laptop or projector atop a tripod or light stand. You can turn any stand or tripod into a mobile workstation with the GoPlatform
  • The vents on the platform is meant to promote airflow and limit overheating. Additionally, the platform features two accessory slots
  • Multiple mounting thread sizes are available to fit most common tripods or light stands. (1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, 5/8")
  • Ideal for location shooting or for studio use