Haida ND0.6 M15 Red-Diamond Reverse Grad Filter HD4396

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  • Compatible with Haida 150 Filter Holder
  • Effectively darkens bright skies, specifically during a sunrise or sunset, while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image
  • Band of density that tapers to a varied density at the edge above it while directly above a clear area creates a neutral density pattern that matches the positioning of the sun when it is at, or immediately above, the horizon
  • Band of density extends in both vertical directions
  • Density pattern corresponds to the brightness pattern of the sun when it appears at or is closer to the horizon as opposed to a higher angle, which creates an increase in brightness that is more prominent on both sides of the sun than above it
  • Hard-edged line of transition between the band of density and the clear area below it is useful for hard transitions between the sky and land
  • Gradation with soft-edged line of transition is applicable to multiple regions of brightness within the sky
  • Filter does not affect the overall coloration of the image
  • Shock-resistant optical glass construction
  • 10 layers of anti-reflective nano coatings on each glass surface prevent internal ghosting and reflections, while further enhancing clarity and color fidelity
  • 10 additional scratch-resistant hydrophobic coatings on each glass surface further protect the filter substrate and result in an improved beading effect when in contact with water or oil for greater cleaning efficiency
  • Rounded edges for easier placement within a compatible filter holder slot
  • When combined with a compatible filter holder, included gasket helps to prevent light from coming in between the filter and the lens behind it, which can have an unwanted effect on exposure
  • Metallic filter case for storage and transport