Tenba Tools Lens Capsule 30x13cm Bag Organiser - 636360

Special Price $58.00 Regular Price $65.00

Capacity - Canon/Nikon/Sony 70-200mm 2.8 (with hood extended), Nikon 200-500mm and other zoom lenses up to 30cm

The Lens Capsule is durable padded lens pouch, but with a bit of extra protection in the form of molded EVA caps on both ends where the lens is at its most fragile. You can set your lens down with confidence.

  • Versatile Protection - Padded Lens Capsule provides protection for lenses inside a larger bag or on a waist belt
  • Extra Padding Where It Counts - Rigid, molded EVA foam lid and base ensure extra protection where the lens is most vulnerable
  • Attaches To Waist Belt - Secure loop allows Lens Capsule to be attached to virtually any waist belt or MOLLE compatible system
  • Included Microfiber Lens Cloth - Tucked inside mesh pouch so it's there when you need it