NiSi 100x100mm ND1000 Neutral Density Filter CLEARANCE SALE

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NiSi 100x100mm Nano IR ND1000 Neutral Density Filter

My favourite use of a ND1000 / 10 stop / Big Stopper filter is on waterfalls and waterways like creeks. The milky effect is wonderful. Note that a ND1000 is also black so I find it best to set up your shot and then slide in the filter.

Each NiSi 100x100mm Nano IR NDs made to reduce the light equally across the entire surface of the filter. This slows down your shutter speed and allows you to introduce a milky look to your shots or shoot say on a beach in bright sunlight at slower shutter speeds even when shooting at f/2.8 or faster. Having said that, it is likely that you would use a ND1000 or 10 stop on a beach as it is 99% black to your eye.