Sandisk CFexpress Memory Cards

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Sandisk CFexpress Memory Cards

:Update. Canon’s latest announcement of the Canon 1dx Mark III with a twin CFExpress memory card slot is testament that the CFExpress technology is going to take over from the Compact Flash and SD memory card technology.

August 2019. The new Panasonic Lumix S1R is one of the first cameras to come with a CFExpress Memory Card slot... more to follow we are sure.

July 2019. The CompactFlash Association has announced a new version of the memory card to be compatible to the QXD slots, to be called a "CFExpress". They are hoping with some justification that the new standard will take the top dog position ahead of the SD brigade.

The new CFExpress cards are to be available in three different sizes. More on this as full details come to light.

Here is Matt Granger introducing his thoughts about the future of memory cards in particular in relation to speed.

Sandisk has a basic promo video re their CFExpress cards and we have put it here for completeness.