Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mb

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Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Memory Card

17th March 2017. Six months or so ago Sandisk replaced its range of Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mb/s SD Memory Cards known by the code SDSDXPA with the new SDSDXXG range. The new SDSDXXG range has V30 technology that is principally an improvement in the SD cards ability to process 4K video. Some retailers still haven't caught up and lag in the technology stakes by still offering the old and discontinued range.

Sandisk Extreme Pro Memory Cards is a brand. Sandisk is the manufacturer. Extreme Pro is a branding that signifies a fast speed memory card. This category is for Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Memory Cards,where the SD stands for Secure Digital. Secure Digital is a type of memory card which is a term used be all memory card manufacturers.

There are other Sandisk Extreme Pro Memory Cards such as the Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Memory Card that is 300mb/s. There are Sandisk Extreme Pro CF / Compact Flash memory cards and Sandisk Extreme Pro MicroSD Memory Cards. As confusing as this maybe we hope that breaking up the terms has helped.

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