Sandisk SD Memory Cards

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Sandisk SD Memory Cards

We have renamed this category to denote our exclusive deal with Sandisk for their SD Memory Card range. Lexar are now out of the market and since they were out second string option, it is now Sandisk all the way.

SD or SDHC Memory Cards are a format type used in items such as cameras and phones. SD stands for Secure Digital and HC stands for High Capacity.

Cameras Direct offers up only the best SD memory cards on the market. The SD memory card market is packed with 'wannabee" SD memory card manufacturers and rebranded product. We ONLY offer proven trusted reliable and competitively priced SD memory cards from the leading brands.

The best SD memory cards are made by Sandisk, lexar and Transcend.

The full range of Sandisk SD Memory Cards is our priority for price and reliability.

Within Sandisks range of SD memory cards are several different speeds such as the Sandisk "Ultra" SD memory card that is the most affordable and for most cameras its ideal. If you are more the rapid shot / sports photographer then you will probably go to Sandisk's "Extreme Pro" range of sd memory cards. Why? For speed in both shooting mode but also in upload speed / time to your computer for processing. Remember to always use a memory card reader and NOT connect your camera directly to the computer (to avoid the risk of corrupted data etc).

Sandisk has now come out with a sizzlingly fast 280mb/s SD memory card. It is fast and yes it comes at a price.

Go ahead and buy your SD memory card/s knowing that we are authorised memory card stockist so your SD memory card comes with the manufacturers warranty from within Australia.

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