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Sandisk Memory Cards

Update May 2019. Sandisk CFexpress memory cards will soon be available as the forward compatible XQD alternative. THANK YOU SANDISK. The Xqd debacle has been painful to say the least and now that the CF group is bringing the CFExpress cards to market, the user of Nikon D500's and so on will have a viable option.

Update 23rd February 2018. Now that Lexar has exited the memory card market there is really only ONE memory card manufacturer left. OK there are others but Sandisk swamps the others so much so that we rarely even hear their names. If you want the comfort of knowing that your memory card is going to work when it needs too then there is only one choice, Sandisk Memory Cards.

Cameras Direct has all the Sandisk Memory Cards for cameras you could possible need or want. We have all the memory cards for GoPro Cameras. All the memory cards for DJI Mavic Phantom and all drones. All the memory cards for DJI Osmo. We have Sandisk memory cards. We have Lexar Memory cards. There are Transcend memory cards and Samsung Memory Cards. If you want to buy a memory card, we have it in stock and at cheap competitive prices.

Our memory card range includes, CF Memory cards also know as compact flash memory cards. There are SD memory cards of all sizes speeds and brands. We stock MicroSD / Micro SD memory cards too. We have XQD memory cards. USB Memory sticks. Memory cards such as "flash drives." We have eye-fi wi-fi wireless memory cards as well. We even have all the memory card readers for every brand for every type of memory card and every speed size and shape of memory card.

We are THE source of memory cards in Australia. Trusted for more than 16 years and still bringing you all the best deals on memory cards.

Sandisk Lexar Transcend Samsung CF CompactFlash SDHC SDXC MicroSD & Eye-Fi Memory Cards

Do you remember film? Do you remember going to the local chemist to pick up a packet of prints? I Don't. OK OK I do. That was a long time ago. Today Camera memory cards are the medium to record your photos.

The Memory Card category is such a huge category that you will find a lot of videos on this page. Our aim is to arm you with information to make the selection process simpler or just call us and we will do the selecting for you.

Recorded late 2009 the following YouTube Video covers considerations to make when choosing the best memory card for you

The Sandisk range of memory cards covers all of the digital memory needs of the photographer. In this video Tom talks you through the Sandisk range.

Are the Sandisk "Ultra" memory cards rubbish?

Now compare the Sandisk "Extreme" Range of Memory Cards.

Next we have our Lexar Memory Card Reviews.

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