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  1. Kenko Air MC UV Filter - 67mm
    Special Price $32.00 Regular Price $69.00
  2. Hoya HMC UV Filter - 58mm
    Special Price $32.00 Regular Price $60.50
  3. Hoya HMC UV Filter - 62mm
    Special Price $34.00 Regular Price $79.00
  4. Kenko Air MC UV Filter - 72mm
    Special Price $37.00 Regular Price $69.00
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Camera Lens Filters

Update 22nd January 2920. Hoya is now offering a full size range of Hoya Starscape filters. We have the full range listed.

Update July 2019. Cameras Direct is very pleased to announce that we will soon be stocking the Nisi Filter range. We have dedicated an entire category to NISI and you can find that link from this page.

Are you looking to buy UV Filters, Circular Polariser Filters, ND Filters, Infrared Filters, Hoya Filters, Cokin Filters, Kenko Filters, B+w Filters ?

Cameras Direct carry 100's of different types of filters for your cameras lens from several different brands.

The most popular brand is Hoya. Hoya lens filters are quality at a price that reflects the quality of the glass in the respective filter.

There is no doubt that we sell far more Hoya lens filters than any other brand. In fact we sell more Hoya filters in total than all of the other brands combined.

We provide a Hoya filter comparison for each type and quality. You will find our Hoya Filter reviews here and on each of the Hoya Filter product pages. We explain the differences between the quality levels and the wide range of Hoya filter types.

We are here to guide you through your camera lens filter buying decision.

At the top of this page you will find our Hoya Filter Reviews and a little further down we review other brands.

To get you started however lets look at the differences between UV filters, Circular Polariser (CPL) Filters, ND and others.

The following playlist is full of explanations as to the differences in the Hoya Filter range.

Now that we know what each of the different type of filters do, you can narrow down the search. We put the following Youtube playlist of Lens Filter Reviews together to show you what each of the filters is capable of doing merely by screwing the filter onto your camera lens. Amazing results that you thought could be obtained only by the professional photographers. The secret is now out. Good luck.

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