Circular Polarising Filters

Circular Polarising Filters by Hoya B+W Haida Cokin Kenko Sigma

Circular Polarising Filters, also known as CPL filters, are commonly used in photography to reduce reflections, improve color saturation, and increase the contrast of the images. They are made up of a polarising material that is mounted on a rotating frame, allowing the photographer to adjust the angle of polarization.

The working principle of CPL filters is based on the polarization of light waves. Light waves travel in different directions, and when they bounce off a reflective surface, such as water, glass or metal, they become polarized in a particular direction. CPL filters are designed to block light waves that are polarized in a particular direction, allowing only those waves that are polarized perpendicular to the filter to pass through.

When a CPL filter is mounted on a camera lens and rotated to the correct angle, it can effectively reduce reflections on surfaces such as water, windows, or metal objects. This is particularly useful in landscape photography where the filter can be used to enhance the color and contrast of the sky, foliage, and other natural elements in the scene.

CPL filters are also popular for portrait photography, as they can reduce unwanted reflections on the skin and create a more natural look. They can also be used in architectural photography to reduce reflections on glass surfaces, or in product photography to eliminate glare and highlight texture and detail.

It's worth noting that CPL filters do reduce the amount of light that enters the lens, which can result in slower shutter speeds, longer exposures, or the need to increase the ISO setting. In some situations, such as low-light photography, this may not be desirable, and the use of a CPL filter may need to be avoided.

Overall, CPL filters are an essential tool for photographers looking to enhance the quality of their images, particularly in outdoor and landscape photography. They are easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and can make a significant difference to the final image.

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