Canon Macro Lenses

Canon Macro Lenses

Canon Macro Lenses are made (oddly) by Canon FOR THEIR Canon DSLR's. I have made the strong point that Canon makes macro lenses for Canon cameras and only Canon cameras. Canon knows their own technology and so they do not have to guess like others do such as Tamron and Sigma.

The Go To Canon Macro lens at least by popularity, is the Canon EF 100mm L IS Macro Lens. There was a time when the Canon EF 100mm L IS Macro Lens didn't exist and back then the go to was the Canon EF 100mm Macro Lens. Why? Well the 100mm range is ideal for macro and portraiture but let's stay on macro for a sec. The 100mm range gives you enough distance from the subject so that if you need to light the subject, that you have enough room to do so.

There has been talk that the Canon EF-s 60mm macro lens for Canon cropped sensor cameras, is to be discontinued. This would mean that there isn't a dedicated macro lens for canon crop cameras such as the 90d and 850d. It also means that you would have buy the EF 100mm macros or go to Tamron or Sigma.

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