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Canon Macro Lens

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Canon Macro Lenses

Canon Macro Lenses are made (oddly) by Canon FOR THEIR Canon DSLR's. I have made the strong point that Canon makes macro lenses for Canon cameras and only Canon cameras. Canon knows their own technology and so they do not have to guess like others do such as Tamron and Sigma.

The Go To Canon Macro lens at least by popularity, is the Canon EF 100mm L IS Macro Lens. There was a time when the Canon EF 100mm L IS Macro Lens didn't exist and back then the go to was the Canon EF 100mm Macro Lens. Why? Well the 100mm range is ideal for macro and portraiture but let's stay on macro for a sec. The 100mm range gives you enough distance from the subject so that if you need to light the subject, that you have enough room to do so.

When the likes of the Canon 700d / 60d / 70d etc crop sensor cameras where well established, Canon announced the Canon EF-s 60mm Macro Lens which is specifically made for Canon cropped sensor DSLR's. Note that the Canon EF-s 60mm Macro Lens will NOT mount onto a full frame Canon camera such as the Canon 6d or Canon 5d range.

For absurdly close Macro work you look to the 5x life, the Canon MP-e65 which is a highly specialised macro lens for the serious macro photographer. Don't forget, although many photographers do, the brilliant Canon L series macro lens, the Canon EF 180mm f3.5 L Macro Lens.

We have our Canon Macro Lens Reviews in this playlist. You will also find plenty of reviews on each of the Canon Macro lens product pages. Thanks.

Exploring the realm of small physical objects using a macro lens is a exceptional as well as exhilarating class of digital photography, and once you begin, you'll quickly become addicted. The world of macro has many delights and is apart of the world that can't be understood with the naked eye.

Macro photography is the title given to extremely close-up and finely detailed photography of such as, hairs on a parasites body, and is best explained as photographs which are captured at proportions of life-size and over.

Usually you can find a large number of macro lens alternatives with those macro lenses manufactured by your camera company that constructed your digital slr camera to third party macro lenses manufacturers for example Tamron as well as Sigma. Be sure to get the lens that matches your wish for image quality, photo composition and lens price particularly for those who are limited by a stringent budget.

We have an never-ending variety subject matter that all fall inside the definition of macro photography. The most popular area of interest for macro photography is the biological world - all kinds of flowers, plants, and insects. For that more creative photographer, macro photography can be used in abstract imagery.

One very important thing to bear in mind when taking macro photos is the generous use of control over the macro lenses depth of field. Should you have little or no light or wish to blow out the backdrop you'll open the macro lenses aperture up wide to very wide. That will let in more light but it will also mean that the parts of the insect that you're focussing on is going to be razor-sharp however a millimetre in front and behind are going to be fuzzy. Make an adjustment if required and don't forget that you could really need to introduce some extra light from for example a macro ring light.

By making use of a tripod you will greatly reduce the risk of camera shake. Subject movement is also a very important point to take into account. Macro photography magnifies the subject, leaving more likelihood for blurry pics.

Beginners to macro photography tend to be a little scared of Macro Photography because of the things they see as way too many things to consider. We on the other hand know that as your overall photo abilities get better that you're going to understand terms like depth of field so that you will not find the shift to macro overly straining.

Thank you for shopping with Cameras Direct for your Canon macro lens.

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