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The big news in microphones is the massive range of Boya & Deity Microphones from entry level to professional. Full ranges and accessories taking it to Rode and winning market share.

Rode has announced the release of a gadget that will allow you to use your Wireless Go as a standard looking microphone. The adapter is called the Rode Interview Go. Basically the Interview Go is a stick that allows you to put the transmitter (tx) part of the Wireless Go into the head of the stick. Clever.

Update 2nd March 2020. LIVE STREAM using your iPhone or Samsung with Rode Wireless Mics for audio.

Are you looking to Live Stream from the latest iPhone or Samsung?

Firstly for the latest iPhone that do not have a 3.5mm mic jack. We have found a cable combo for you to connect the Rode Wireless Go to the iPhone Lightning Connector. For Audio, use the Wireless Go and Lavalier Go. Rode Wireless Go and Rode Lavalier Go

Now connect the Wireless Go to your iPhone Lightning connector with these from Jaycar. Cable and Socket

Secondly for Samsung phones. For Audio, use the Wireless Go and Lavalier Go. Rode Wireless Go and Rode Lavalier Go

Connect your Rode Wirelss Go to your Samsung with Rode SC7 Cable

Update 13th August 2019. Cameras Direct is very pleased to be able to bring another brand of microphone to the Australian camera market. Deity Microphones kits and accessories are an alternative to Sennheiser and Rode microphones.

Congratulations to Rode Australia for the recent release of the already superb Rode VideoMic Pro. Rode has added the Rode VideoMic Pro + which is essentially the VideoMic Pro but with it's own lithium battery. No longer will you need to use 9v batteries.

Congratulations to Rode for today's announcement (November 15th 2017) of the Rode RX-Cam Triggers. We have the full range in the Rode RX-Cam category.

Cameras Direct is very pleased to represent Rode Microphones to our customers. Not only are Rode Microphones exceptional quality and value for money but Rode is a 100% Australian company, established in Sydney back in 1967.

Rode is well known among musicians and now to the Videographer / Blogger for their highly responsive microphones.

From our perspective the most popular microphones in the Rode range are the Videomic's. The Rode Videomics include the Videomic Go, which is the cheapest of the range at about $100 which offers the beginner / blogger and cheap entry point into sound recorder. The mid ranged VideoMic (called the Rode Videomic) is about $150 and offers a step up from the VideoMic Go. Note that both of these microphones are powered from the camera / phone / Osmo that you are using with the microphone. The top of the line "VideoMic" is the Rode VideoMic Pro which sells for about $250 and is powered by a 9v battery (sold separately) rather than by the camera battery.

There is also a Rode VideoMicro, (retailing for around $80) which as the name suggests is smaller in size than the VideoMic's mentioned about and is therefore often matched with say the Osmo Mobile or Osmo Plus.

Another of the popular microphones is the tiny Rode Smartlav+ lapel microphone. Use the Smartlav with your smart phone or other recording device for cheap yet highly effective audio recording. Retailing for about $80 this is a cheap investment for sure. The only real downside if there is one, is that you will need to sync the audio to the video later on in post production. If workflow and the costly time of that is important to you, invest in either the Rode FilmMaker which uses a lapel mic or the Rode NewsShooter which will require you to also purchase a Rode shotgun / Reporter style microphone.

Of course the range of Rode products is much broader than mentioned and includes Boom Poles "Dead Cats" and many other accessories to assist you. There is also an extensive range of Dynamic / Stereo and broadcast quality mics to choose from.

Cameras Direct stocks all of the above Rode Microphones and Accessories most if not all of the time.