Its a stick with a fancy name. Mono as in one. Pod as in stick. See the full range of monopods on offer for your DSLR at Australia's Cameras Direct

There are several reputable brands that offer monopods, each with their own unique features and qualities. Here, we will discuss some popular brands known for their monopods:

: Manfrotto is a well-known brand that specializes in camera support equipment. They offer a wide range of monopods designed to cater to different needs and budgets. Manfrotto monopods are known for their sturdy construction, high-quality materials, and innovative features like quick-release systems and ergonomic designs.

: Benro is a brand that provides a range of tripods, monopods, and other camera accessories. Their monopods are designed with a focus on durability, stability, and versatility. Benro monopods often feature lightweight materials, adjustable heights, and ergonomic grips for comfortable handling. They offer options for both entry-level and professional photographers.

: Gitzo is a premium brand that is renowned for its high-end monopods. They are known for their exceptional build quality, precision engineering, and advanced features. Gitzo monopods are often made from carbon fiber, making them lightweight yet strong. They are designed to provide maximum stability and support for professional photographers working in various shooting conditions.

: Sirui is a brand that offers a range of monopods suitable for different photography needs. They are known for providing affordable options without compromising on quality. Sirui monopods often feature innovative designs, such as removable tripod legs that can be converted into monopods, making them versatile for different shooting situations.

Vanguard: Vanguard is a brand that produces a variety of camera accessories, including monopods. They offer a range of options designed to meet different budgets and shooting requirements. Vanguard monopods are known for their solid construction, user-friendly features, and reliable performance. They often come with adjustable height, quick-flip leg locks, and comfortable grips.

: Induro is a brand that focuses on providing durable and reliable monopods for photographers. Their monopods are designed to withstand heavy use and challenging shooting conditions. Induro offers options for various budgets and preferences, featuring features like adjustable heights, ergonomic designs, and quick-release mechanisms.

When considering a brand of monopod, it's essential to evaluate your specific needs, shooting style, and budget. Each brand may have its own unique strengths and features that align with your requirements. It's also beneficial to read reviews, compare specifications, and consider personal recommendations to make an informed decision.

In summary, there are several reputable brands that offer monopods, including Manfrotto, Benro, Gitzo, Sirui, Vanguard, and Induro. Each brand has its own characteristics and target audience, so it's important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a monopod for your photography endeavours.

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