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Backdrops and Support

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Studio Backdrops and Supports

At Cameras Direct we offer a range of backgrounds / backdrops for your home and pro studio.

We are constantly changing our range of backdrops to help you improve your photography and your clients.

Cameras Direct is now stocking a range of new painted backdrops. From warm or cool muted colours to different exciting themes including enchanted forests, flowered terraces, dramatic stair cases, brick walls etc. You can have fun with the special event theme backdrops including Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Birthday and School Formals.

These affordable backdrops are very popular with all photographers including beginners through to professional portrait/wedding/event photographers and are sized 200cm x 150 cm and are nicely weighted for portability.

With lighting you could use one or two flashes/speedlights off camera with one or two portable softboxes combined with light stands or invest in a lightning kit.

Elinchrom brand from Cameras Direct come in various lighting kits to suite all uses starting from approx $730 through to higher power units depending on your requirements.

The entry level unit is the Elinchrom D-Lite RX One Set to Go which come 2 x lights 2 x umbrellas 2 x light stands and skyport trigger so there is no sync cord in your way. Or for a couple of hundred dollars more you can get an extra light with a softbox.

This set up would be ideal for newborns or close up portraits as the power is not too strong (100w) for that special effect with the right camera lens. Elinchrom has a lot of accessories too for eg an extra softboxes and a full range of different powered lights and reflectors.

When lighting for eg newborns (see image below) and portraits you can use 2 x softboxes and experiment with setting the lights at different power out puts to create various densities of shadows. For accurate light measurements a Sekonic flashmate light meter would be excellent for flash readings and also incident light readings.

The soft theme backdrop for this particular newborn photo (see image below) can be used close to the subject as illustrated. However you could have the background looking even softer placing it further away from the subject but it may require further lighting on the backdrop.

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