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    Canon EOS 4000D + 18-55mm IS III Lens Kit
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    Canon EOS 850D Body
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    Canon EOS 77D Camera Body
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    Canon EOS 80D Body
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    Canon EOS 6D Mark II Body Wi-fi Model
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    Canon EOS 90D Body
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    Canon 5D Mark IV Body
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    Canon 1DX Mark III Body
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Canon DSLR Cameras

Cameras Direct has had Canon DSLR cameras for sale from the very beginning back in 2001. We know our Canon DSLR cameras.

We were the first in Australia to offer our imported Canon DSLR cameras to the Australian market under the protection of the governments legislation to help increase competition with imported goods and therefore reduce the prices.

We have continued to sell Canon cameras with that protection at cheap prices. Our reputation for service is unquestioned and we are no longer shunned by the major importers of cameras but we have long since been befriended.

I have owned a Canon camera of one type or another for the past 40 years so the brand, Canon, is entrenched into me. My first 'real' Canon camera was the Canon T50. I was in Canon heaven. That was a long time ago mind you. When the Canon digital came along with the likes of the Canon G1 compact the photo world changed for me dramatically.

I can remember when the bright and shiny silver Canon 300d camera body was announced ... wooohooo ... Looking back on it, it was a piece of cXXp but it was the start to what we now know as the entry level Canon DSLR's. Following the Canon 300d was the Canon 350d then 400d then 450 ...... then 700d and now (2017) the upgrade to the Canon 700d, the 750d and 760d and later Canon brought us the Canon 800d dslr camera.

That was the 3 numbered Canon Dslr's. Later Canon pushed on with 2 and 4 digit DSLRs such as the Canon EOS 1000d series and 100d. The Canon 10d was the first of the 2 digit 'd' DSLR's that grew from the 10d to the Canon 20d, then the 30d, then the legendary breakthrough Canon EOS 40d sport shooter then the 50d the 60d and now (2016) the Canon 70d with its video upgraded Canon EOS 80d body option.

The Canon full frame cameras took a little while longer to get to the market with their 35mm full frame sensors. The Canon EOS 1d series was known as the professionals choose with a lot of that decision being with the bullet proof build and longevity of the shutter count before the Canon 1d gave up and was retired. Then there is of course the much loved Canon EOS 5d series of full frame DSLR's. I bought the original Canon 5d many years ago and although I no longer own one, if there was a cheapie on offer for a few hundred bucks or so, it would be well worth buying it especially if you wish to try out the wonders of full frame Canon photography.

Canon's run with the Canon 5d series then progressed to its Canon 5d Mark II and then the much loved Canon 5d Mark III which stills sells (2016) for around $3000. What happened next was in my opinion a stroke of genius from Canon. Canon introduced a quasi Canon 5d Mark III with a plastic body and wi-fi at about half the price and called it the Canon EOS 6d body. Still a full frame camera with essentially the same image quality as the 5d Mark iii. The Canon 6d was designed for the cropped sensor Canon photographer using the likes of say the Canon 70d to make the jump to full frame photography without the $3000 price tag.

The Canon 6d is arguably better in low light than the Canon 5d Mark iii and with wi-fi it is an excellent choice for the budget minded pro or enthusiast. Personally I prefer the weight of teh Canon 5d Mark III to the 6d as I like to "hold"a camera but I can certainly appreciate the benefits of its cheaper cousin, the Canon 6d.

Canon has this year (2016) brought out what will be the Canon 5d Mark iii's replacement, the Canon 5d Mark IV. Better in low light (maybe to combat the loss of sales to the Canon 6d) than the 5d III and with more features than you can poke a stick at. The price tag on the Canon 5d Mark IV is a hefty $5000 at the moment, but that will probably drop as time passes.

This page as you may have gathered long before now, is focused on Canon EOS DSLR's from the entry level Canon EOS DSLRs such as the EOS 700d series or the EOS 1300d series to the professional Canon EOS DSLR's. Canon of course have also been very well respected for its Canon "compact cameras' which Canon has called "powershot"or "selphy" Canon compact digital cameras.

We have separate categories for the Canon Powershots etc and you will find them in the category listings to the left or by simply searching Canon Powershot in the search box above.

The writer is a fan of Canon DSLR's ahead of Nikon but that is really only because I have become accustomed to the dials and buttons and to change to Nikon would mean relearning, not the skills of photography but really just how to drive the camera with some sort of proficiency. At Cameras Direct we have specialists in both Canon DSLRs and Nikon DSLR's so don't worry that we are going to push you in one direction over the other.

If you live on the Gold Coast or Brisbane / Sunshine Coast / Toowoomba / North Coast of NSW you are in an easy driving distance to visit us in person or alternatively you can safely buy online for quick & reliable delivery.

Canon is without a doubt leading the way in digital photography products for our digital lives. Amazing image quality and outstanding performance are just two of the many benefits photographers, from beginners to professionals, will experience with a Canon EOS digital camera body.

Canon digital camera models continue to be engineered using the DIGIC series of Photo Processor chips, in more recent times, cameras have been released to include Face Detection Technology for sophisticated picture quality, fast functionality and low battery usage.

Canon Dslr's, will continue to blend the technological innovation of CMOS image sensors, DIGIC processors , add in a large memory buffer capacity, and you can achieve frame rates of 10 fps.

Take me to Canons website and show me the specs on their Canon Digital Cameras

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