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    Lume Cube HoneyComb Pack For Light-House
    Special Price $38.00 Regular Price $45.00
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    Joby GorillaPod 3K Stand Black - JB01510
    Special Price $63.25 Regular Price $89.00
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    Joby Gorillapod 3K BallHead - JB01513
    Special Price $67.85 Regular Price $79.00
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    Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit Black
    Special Price $70.61 Regular Price $95.00
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    Manfrotto PVC Free Pan Handle - MVAPANBARM
    Special Price $71.30 Regular Price $99.00
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    Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit - JB01507-BWW
    Special Price $112.70 Regular Price $149.00
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Video Accessories

7th January 2018. We have decided to create this new VIDEO category so our customers will have the ease of searching for and then buying video gear in the one category. Why? Over the past 2-3 years we have witnessed a massive upturn in the demand for gear specifically for video production. Not in terms of the old days with huge on the shoulder video cameras of course, those days are long gone, but in the area of phone video or dslr video or compact camera video.

There has definitely been an exponential growth in the volume of videos being produced, most often for Youtube etc and vloggers websites. With this increase volume, there has been an increased expectation from the viewer, of superb quality video, audio and lighting. The demand for better quality video / content has also been something that vloggers and videographers have had to come to terms with.

Gaining skills in presentation is out of area of expertise however we are skilled in helping you look better in terms of lighting and be heard better with quality audio.

In more recent times, stabilisers have come of age and now you can get great results for great stabilisers that no longer cost the earth. Brands such as Zhiyun and DJI come immediately to mind.

An alternative to a motorised stabiliser for your purposes, might well be a tripod and we have them in all sizes and prices and features. Brands such as Joby Gorillapod, Manfrotto and Vanguard as leaders.

Talking about Video Lights bring us to "constant lights" which these days are LED. LED are small, light and cheap and extremely portable. Brands such as Lume Cube, Neo Rotolight and Amaran Aputure LED's have been huge inroads.

Have you ever been watching say a Youtube video but the audio sucked. what did you do? Did you suffer through it or did you quickly go to another one? I bet its 99% that you went to another video, and this time looking for the best sound. Rode Microphones are our favourite video microphone brand and you can get a good one for under $100.

We have split up the products into a variety of categories for you to make the searching for Video Accessories.