Sandisk Compact Flash Memory Cards

Sandisk Compact Flash Memory Cards

Now that Lexar are no longer making memory cards, we have renamed this category to Sandisk Compact Flash Memory Cards. Sandisk had lead the market in Australia by a country mile so this was bound to happen eventually.

Generally speaking Compact Flash cards are faster but more expensive than SD memory cards. Some cameras will only take a CF or Compact Flash memory card and this could be because the camera is a fast sports camera will very big file sizes to process quickly.

SD memory cards are getting fast too but on the whole its the Compact Flash memory cards that is the fastest memory cards of all the types of memory cards on the market.

Cameras Direct are the authorised stockist of Sandisk Compact Flash memory cards and Lexar Compact Flash memory cards. These are our favourite memory card brand for compact flash memory cards however, there are other brands that also supply compact flash memory cards such as Transcend CF memory cards.

You can buy our Australian stocked memory cards with confidence knowing that they come with a full Australian warranty are of course Genuine branded memory cards.

Sandisk introduced CompactFlash to the market in 1994. CF / Compact Flash cards were to become a massive success for Sandisk. The compactflash format went on to be the demise of other formats such as Miniature Card and SmartMedia. If your camera or digital device uses Compact flash memory cards then we have the brands and cards for you.

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