Benro MSD46C Supadupa Carbon Fibre Monopod

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The Benro MSDPL46C Supadupa Pro Carbon Fibre Monopod is designed to cater to the needs of professional photographers and videographers who require a dependable and steady support system for their equipment.

Benro MSD46C Supadupa Carbon Fibre Monopod with Pivot Leg Base

Like the other two "Supadupa" monopod models, this one collapses down to a small length. There is an internal bearing in the foot for smooth panning and the usual spiked foot. Watch the video on a desktop / laptop for more info.

Who would benefit from owning this monopod :

Sports Photographers: Sports photographers often need to move quickly and capture images from various angles. A monopod can help them maintain stability and get sharp shots while shooting from the sidelines or in crowded spaces.

Wildlife Photographers: Wildlife photographers often need to wait for long periods of time to capture the perfect shot. A monopod can provide stability and support for their camera and lens, allowing them to capture sharp images without getting fatigued.

Wedding Photographers: Wedding photographers need to capture a variety of shots throughout the day, often in low light conditions. A monopod can help them stabilize their camera and lens and prevent blur from camera shake.

Videographers: Videographers often need to shoot for long periods of time and move around with their equipment. A monopod can provide stability and support for their camera and help them get smooth shots while on the move.


Benro have a new collection of Monopods that really are deserving of their name Supadupa.

Monopods from their very design and nature of purpose provide photographers and videographers with flexibility in how they work, from the location to how close they get to their subject.

The Supadupa collection of 3 carbon fibre monopods are no exception in delivering on fulfilling what you would expect, but with the addition of Benro craftsmanship and engineering, this collection have some great additional features that will make them a great complement to your range.

The MSD46C provides all the features of the MSDPL46C without the levelling base. This monopod includes:

  • CNC machined aluminium flip lock and joint
  • Waterproof tubing structure
  • Detachable rotation foot, spikes can be mounted after removing


TheBenro MSD46C Supadupa Carbon Fibre Monopod comes with a full Benro Australia warranty.

Cameras Direct since 2001. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. We look forward to being at your SERVICE Australia wide. We look forward to helping you take a better photo soon. Thank you

More Information
Manufacturer Benro
Manufacturer Part Number MSD46C
Primary Colour Black
Maximum Load 40 kg
Maximum Height 183 cm
Minimum Height 45.5 cm
Leg Sections 5
Product Weight 590 g
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