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Boxing Day Sale 2019

Update 18th December 2019 - All of our Boxing Day Sales ... ON NOW.

Update. January 12th 2018. Our Boxing Day Sale for 2017 is officially over. We still have a few items to shift and still at break-even or thereabouts, which have been moved to the Spot Deal category. Thanks for participating in what has been, without a doubt, our best Boxing Day Clearance of all time.

Boxing Day sale on NOW.

It's 4th December 2018. No time like the present. Our Boxing Day Sale is on NOW. 500+ stocked items are priced to clear. Priced to excite. We are going to cop a pile of calls from competitors, distributors and manufacturers for going early (they like to control pricing and yes that is illegal) but we are doing it anyway. There is of course limited stock so don't muck about. Before you head off to those shopping centres, getting abused in the car park, paying for the privilege, paying for the high rents of those retailers, grab your bargain now.

Many other products are discounted even though they do not have "Boxing Day Sale Pricing" in the product title. If you are happy with the price. Grab it now.

To be sure that the item is STILL IN STOCK go to the actual product. Under the price you should see, in large green letters "In Stock in AUSTRALIA now". If that is not on the product then we have sold out, meaning that it will be a short while until we are able to restock. If you are not in rush, then buy it to secure the discounted price and sit tight as we go about restocking.

Our Boxing Day sale is a serious attempt to shift all 500 items and leave just a feather or two floating down as we lock up on Monday 24th December. We will then remain closed, only to phone support, until we return on Monday 7th January 2019. We will of course be madly packing orders to get your orders out. Thank you for your ongoing patronage making 2018 yet another hugely successful year for Cameras Direct.

We hope that you have enjoyed working with us and we look forward to being at your service yet again in 2019.

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