Lowepro Flipside Trek Bags

Lowepro Flipside Trek

Just had a customer that wanted a bag to carry two camera bodies with battery grips and 2 or 3 Canon L series lenses (so of a decent size). The obvious go too was the Protactic 450 and Pro Runner 450 because of the depth of the cavity, to allow for the battery grips but the customer felt that the bags were simply too big for her. So we suggested the Flipside Trek 450. The depth of the much smaller cavity will allow for a battery grip and the bag is considerably smaller. We had to stress to the customer that "smaller" means compromising as to the amount of gear.

The lowepro Flipside Trek BP 350 and 450 AW bags are exactly what I have been looking for in a lightweight durable all weather back pack. These camera bags are deep enough to hold a large DSLR with battery grip and no problems with carry on. With the separate compartment in the top it makes for an ideal storage area for photo accessories or other items for travel.

The Flipside Trek is fantastic for one large DSLR even with a battery grip, 2-4 lenses etc depending on which size bag in the range you choose. Water bottle holders, a zipped section for your tablet, many straps if you need to hook items from, its got all the bases covered. The camera compartment comes out if needed for cleaning or re arranging your dividers to custom suit and opens from the inside so when wearing no one can get at your photo gear.

Lowepro has just announned (February 2017) a new range of camera backpacks called the Lowepro Flipside Trek bags. The new backpacks will be available at Cameras Direct from late March 2017.

There are 3 different sizes of Lowepro Flipside Trek bags called the Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 250, Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 350 and the largest the Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 450. All of the Lowepro Flipside Trek bags are "AW" all weather bags as they all come with a built in rain coat.

The top zone of the bag is separate from your camera gear in the Lowepro Flipside Trek Bags for your 'stuff' like a snacks, jacket, first aid kit etc. The camera section of the Flipside Trek is like all the other flipside, from the back. You can access the back of the bag by leaving the waist strap attached, pull the bag around and open up the camera zone without having to put the bag on the ground.

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