Cokin P-Series Graduated Neutral Density Filter

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Cokin P-Series Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Cokin P Series ND filters can be bought as a Cokin P Series Kit wherein you usually get 3 Cokin ND filters (and usually for the price of 2) and usually with. Cokin P Series Filter Holder or you can buy a single Cokin Graduated ND filter for a specific use.

The Cokin Graduated ND filter kits represent the best buying value especially for the first time buyer of a Cokin P Series filter system. <\p>

When it comes to a single Cokin P Series "grad filter" one of the decisions to be made is how many "stops" of light you wish to loose. One stop? Two? Three? Do you want to "stop down" more than three stops of light, if so you can "layer up" the filters by putting more ND filters into the filter holder.

The Cokin P Series Grad filter range also includes so interesting colour filters too. Add some red to your sunset photos.p, some blue to your ocean shots and so on.

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