Hoya Pro ND1000 Filters

Hoya PRO ND1000 Filters

Are you looking to photograph a waterfall so that it has a milky smooth effect then ND or Neutral Density filters are the filters to use. ND filters come in a variety of 'strengths' in terms of the number of 'stops' of light they will slow a lens down by.

Hoya Pro ND1000 filters are a type of neutral density filter that is designed to reduce the amount of light that enters the camera lens by ten stops. This filter is ideal for photographers who want to capture long exposures, even in bright daylight conditions. The ND1000 filter is also known as the "Big Stopper" because it allows for longer shutter speeds, enabling photographers to create unique and creative images with motion blur.

Hoya Pro ND1000 filters are made from high-quality optical glass that is coated to reduce reflections and glare. The filter is also multi-coated, which ensures that there is no color cast or loss of image quality when using the filter. The filter is available in various sizes, including screw-on filters that can be easily attached to the front of the lens.

The Hoya Pro ND1000 filter is ideal for landscape photography, as it allows photographers to capture images of moving water or clouds with a silky smooth effect. The filter is also useful in architecture and street photography where the photographer wants to remove the movement of people or vehicles from the scene.

When using the Hoya Pro ND1000 filter, photographers must adjust their camera settings to compensate for the reduced light. They may need to use a longer shutter speed, a larger aperture, or increase the ISO to achieve a proper exposure.

Overall, the Hoya Pro ND1000 filter is an excellent tool for photographers who want to push the boundaries of creativity in their images. With its ability to reduce light by ten stops, it opens up a new world of long exposure photography, allowing photographers to create stunning and unique images.

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