Hoya Variable ND II Filters

Hoya Variable ND II Filters

2022. Hoya has upgraded the popular Variable (my favourite option) ND range to version II. The change is solely in the rotation control and not the cross hatching at the extremes.

We had a DoP (with 10+ staff working for him) in today that works for a series of major Australian TV shows discussing in particular the 82mm Hoya Variable ND Filter. He said that of the Hoya Variable ND range, the the 82mm was the most problematic. He still uses it but said that you have to be aware that you will have dial in a few different ND effects to see which one has the least cross effect. He said that it is annoying but with know-how it can be overcome in post. The balance for him was the ability to vary the ND effect on the fly. This is from a professional. Please be sure to consider this prior to purchasing and be aware that you may be required to do some post production. As of today we do not have any practical experience remedying any undesired effect.

Variable ND (Neutral Density) Filters have been around now for well over a decade. When they originally came out we were super excited. The notion of buying just one ND filter that covers a wide range of FStops is of course brilliant. It is arguable that the image quality is diminished from a Hoya ProND Filter (which covers just one stop down of say ND32 (5 stops) or ND64 (6 stops) so please bear that in mind in your buying decision.

PLEASE NOTE. If you turn the Variable ND filter to the extremities, you can expect to get a cross effect. Back the filter off a bit and live with it as it is.

Cameras Direct is an authorised Hoya Australia reseller and as such we offer a massive range of Hoya filters. The ND range which includes the popular Variable ND filter range is no exception.

Additionally :

Hoya Variable ND II filters are a type of neutral density filter that can be adjusted to reduce the amount of light that enters the camera lens. They offer a variable light reduction range from one to nine stops, giving photographers greater creative control over their images. This filter is particularly useful for shooting in bright daylight conditions, allowing photographers to achieve slower shutter speeds or wider apertures without overexposing the image.

The Hoya Variable ND II filter is made with high-quality optical glass that is multi-coated to reduce reflections and improve clarity. It is available in various sizes, including screw-on filters and larger square filter sizes that can be used with filter holders. The filter's outer ring is designed for easy rotation, allowing for quick and seamless adjustment of the light reduction.

One of the main advantages of the Hoya Variable ND II filter is its versatility. Photographers can adjust the light reduction to suit their shooting conditions, making it an excellent tool for shooting in changing lighting conditions or for situations where a fixed ND filter may not be appropriate.

However, like all variable ND filters, the Hoya Variable ND II filter can produce some color cast or loss of image quality at its extreme settings. This effect can be mitigated by avoiding the use of the filter at its maximum or minimum settings.

Overall, the Hoya Variable ND II filter is a valuable tool for photographers who want greater creative control over their images. With its variable light reduction range and high-quality construction, this filter offers an excellent solution for shooting in bright daylight conditions while still achieving desired effects.

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