Canon RF 100-500mm Lens

Canon RF 100-500mm Lens

The Canon RF 100-500mm lens is a high-quality telephoto zoom lens designed for use with Canon's full-frame mirrorless cameras featuring the RF mount. It has a versatile zoom range of 100-500mm, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of photography genres, including wildlife, sports, and landscapes.

The lens features advanced optics, including one Super UD (Ultra-Low Dispersion) lens element and six UD lens elements, which deliver high-resolution images with reduced chromatic aberrations and distortions. It also features an Image Stabilizer system that provides up to 5 stops of shake correction for handheld shooting.

The RF 100-500mm lens has a fast and accurate autofocus system that utilizes two Nano USM (Ultrasonic Motor) motors for smooth and silent operation. It also has a customizable control ring that allows photographers to adjust exposure settings or assign other functions as desired.

The lens is weather-sealed and dust- and moisture-resistant, making it suitable for use in challenging environmental conditions. Its compact and lightweight design, weighing only 1.37 kg (3.02 lb), makes it easy to carry and handle, even for extended periods of time.

Overall, the Canon RF 100-500mm lens is an excellent choice for photographers looking for a versatile and high-quality telephoto zoom lens for their full-frame mirrorless cameras with the RF mount. Its advanced optical technology, fast and accurate autofocus, and customizable control ring make it an outstanding option for capturing stunning images in a variety of shooting situations.

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