Canon Lenses

Canon Lenses

I had the pleasure of using the new Canon 85mm f1.4 L IS last night. Holy Moly, this is one hell of a lens. The dropout bokeh is just stunning. The IS helped but I didn't rely upon it. The best result I achieved, of a barman in an operating bar, was to have the fella in front of the bar. He was pin sharp and the bar with all it's glasses a glitter was also beautiful.

Canon Camera Lenses, there are so many. We have grouped the massive range of Canon Lenses into subcategories for you to assist in the search process.

Some of the types of Canon lenses can be grouped as follows. Canon Wide Angle Lenses, Canon Macro Lenses, Canon EF Lenses, Canon EF-s Lenses, Canon L Series Lenses, Canon Low Light Lenses, Canon Beginner lenses, Canon Pancake Lenses, Canon Teleconverters, Canon Extenders, Canon Fisheye Lenses, Canon Professional Lenses, Cheap Canon lenses, Canon DO lenses, Canon STM Lenses, Canon IS Lenses.

Professional photographers and keen amateurs tend to buy the more expensive lenses from the Canon Lens range known as Canon L series lenses. The Canon L series lenses are mostly available with f/2.8 and f/4 constant apertures. The Canon f/2.8 lenses being more expensive due to the amount of and quality of the elements and so on within the lens itself. You will also find that f/2.8 lenses are heavier than their cheaper F/4 alternatives.

There is often an argument raging that says third party lenses such as those from Sigma are just as good as Canon Lenses for Canon DSLR's. Well there maybe the odd exception, however we believe that the professional is going to buy Canon lenses for their Canon DSLR every time if not only for the known longevity of use of the said Canon lens.

Yes the list of types of Canon lenses is vast, which is where Cameras Direct come to the fore. We have used most of the Canon lenses ourselves and can guide you in your choice. Shop online at Cameras Direct for Canon Lenses at Australia's best prices with second to none, after sales service. Thank you for shopping with Cameras Direct.

The range of Canon lenses for Canon Digital SLR cameras is staggering to say the least. The best lenses for every photography need can be found in Canons range of lenses. Everything from landscapes, commercial uses, amateur lenses to travel lenses, wide angle and telephoto, cheap and all the way to Canons premium L series range of lenses. If you unsure of which Canon lens is best for you please call us so that you can speak with a pro photographer who will calmly guide you into the right lens at the right price for your photo needs.

As we have said there are so many Canon lenses that picking the best Canon lenses for your digital photography can be confusing. Please please please do not guess. Please get in touch by phone or come into our shop to talk it over. We have decades of experience and you will end up with the best canon lenses for your needs and not for our profit. Guaranteed. The following videos demonstrate just how big the range is and the links below as well. Thanks for reading, we hope we have helped you.

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