Samyang 14mm Lenses

Samyang 14mm Lenses

The Samyang 14mm Lenses are a very popular and highly valued, ultra wide angle lens.

Within the range of Samyang 14mm Lenses is both DSLR lenses and Cine lenses which are optimised for video. The DSLR's using an F stop and the Cine lenses, a T stop.

The Samyang 14mm is a prime lens so you are stuck with 14mm but that's the good news. The F2.8 is awesome for low light shots such as star trails. The 14mm is of course silly wide and gives a different perspective on the world around us.

Remember that all of the Samyang lenses are manual focus and this includes the Samyang 14mm Lenses. The price of the Samyang 14mm Lenses is about 1/4 of the price of say the Canon 50mm f1.2.

The Samyang 14mm Lenses are ultra sharp at bargain prices but again, manual focus.

The Samyang 14mm sells a LOT for those interested in Astronomy and the photography of such. Take a look at the following video for some tips. Note that Rokinon and Samyang is the same company and the same lens.