Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder - BPW400A

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The Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder (BPW400A) prevents vignetting when using the Cokin P-Series filter system with wide-angle lenses. It offers flexibility and creative control by allowing the stacking of multiple filters.

The holder is easily attached and adjusted, integrating seamlessly into the modular Cokin P-Series system. Its durable and portable design makes it suitable for various shooting conditions. By using the Wide-Angle Holder, photographers can avoid vignetting and achieve desired effects with the Cokin P-Series filters, enhancing their wide-angle photography.

Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder BPW 400A

Designed to hold just one filter at a time.

The Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder (BPW400A) is specifically designed for photographers using wide-angle lenses who want to avoid vignetting when using the Cokin P-Series filter system. Here are some reasons why you may consider using the Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder:

Vignetting Prevention: Wide-angle lenses have a wider field of view, and using a regular filter holder can often lead to vignetting, which is a darkening or shading of the corners of the image. The Wide-Angle Holder is designed with a slimmer profile, allowing for unobstructed use of wide-angle lenses without causing vignetting..

Compatibility: The Wide-Angle Holder is part of the Cokin P-Series filter system, which offers a wide range of creative filter options. It is compatible with a variety of lenses and provides a practical solution for photographers who want to use the Cokin P-Series filters with their wide-angle lenses..

Flexibility and Creative Control: The Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder allows for the stacking of multiple filters, such as neutral density, graduated, and color correction filters. This flexibility enables photographers to have creative control over their images by adjusting exposure, color balance, and other factors to achieve desired effects..

Easy Attachment and Adjustment: The Wide-Angle Holder attaches to the lens via a compatible adapter ring (sold separately) and can be easily slid and locked into place. This makes it convenient to attach and adjust filters quickly during shoots..

Modular System: The Cokin P-Series filter system is modular, meaning that the Wide-Angle Holder seamlessly integrates with other components of the system. It allows photographers to mix and match different filters and accessories to meet their specific needs and creative vision..

Durability and Portability: The Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder is typically constructed with durable materials, making it suitable for regular use in various shooting conditions. Additionally, its lightweight and portable design make it easy to carry and transport as part of your photography gear..

Using the Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder, BPW400A, provides a practical solution for wide-angle photographers who want to avoid vignetting and have creative control over their images with the Cokin P-Series filter system. It enables the stacking of filters, compatibility with wide-angle lenses, and convenient attachment and adjustment for versatile and impactful photography..

This Cokin P-Series Wide-Angle Holder Cokin BPW 400A comes with a full warranty from Cokin Australia. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. #CamerasDirect, happily helping you take a better #photo and being at your service. Thank you..

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