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Datacolor Spyder Cube How do you use the Datacolor SpyderCube? Watch the video on the description tab. Thank you.

Datacolor Spyder Cube

The Datacolor SpyderCube will help you speed up RAW processing by simply taking one reference shot with the Spyder Cube under the same light conditions, adjust, save as preset and apply to the entire series.

The colours of the SpyderCUBE are through-pigmented for durability, and have been designed to give you optimal colour values, including 18% grey.

SpyderCUBE provides all relevant light information for the RAW adjustments:

  • Chrome Ball to measure catchlight to analyse overexposed areas.
  • White Faces to define highlights in relation to catchlight.
  • Spectrally neutral 18% Grey Faces to measure color temperature and midtones in all lighting conditions.
  • Black Trap to define absolute black.
  • Black Face to define shadows in relation to black trap.

This Datacolor SpyderCube comes with a full Datacolor Australia warranty.

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Manufacturer Datacolor
Primary Colour Black
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