Nikon Coolpix Cameras

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  1. Nikon SEP-25 Eyepiece
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  4. Nikon Coolpix P900 Compact Camera
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  5. Nikon Coolpix P950 Compact Camera
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  6. Nikon Coolpix P1000
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Nikon Coolpix Cameras

It's July 2018 and the new Nikon Coolpix P1000 is about to be come to market. It is 3 1/2 years now since the P900 took the photographic world by storm so what will the new P1000 offer the photographer and will we see P900 owners upgrading?

The P1000 like the P900 has a CMOS sensor equal to 16mp, the focal range has gone from 24-2000mm (in 35mm terms, which let's face it is mega enough) to 24-3000mm (do you just say telescope?. The fstop is the only downer with closes up to f8 at 3000mm but so what, given that you couldn't possibly handhold this beast at 3000mm anyway and a tripod would surely be a must. Having said that, Nikon reckons that their inbuilt stabiliser is good for 5, yes FIVE stops of stabilisation.

Both the P9000 & P1000 will shoot at up to 7fps both have a 1/4000 fastest shutter (more than enough) and the P1000 is now 30fps ultra high def /4k. it is fair to say that not much else has change. Stand back as the masses rush forward to buy this mega zoom compact ? camera.

Whilst stock of the now discontinued P900 is still around, it might be worth getting one as the price difference is significant to say the least. Check out this review of the Coolpix P900

Now here is the Nikon introduction. They even say that shooting at 3000mm handheld is "theoretical" even with their 5 stops of stabilisation. They have a few tips on how to do just that.

Below are a few simple hints and tips in regards to what to take into consideration just before you get a compact camera.

When you purchase a compact it will likely be a purchase that will last a several years at the least. So in this case it is very important to complete your homework prior to you buying a compact camera.

You're ready to purchase a new compact digital camera and yet find all of the functions and features overpowering. Just how can you tell them apart? If you look after it so taking a little time to sort throw the choices will pay off in the long run, remember that your new compact camera will probably last you several years.

Talking to professionals which are not going to shove a specific brand name towards you simply because the profit margin is greater.

Once you understand your goal and skill level with a camera then it will be possible to see what camera will fit your needs . Using a digital camera that is just right for you will guide you as you learn your way through the field of photography, as well as help you develop an appreciation for the art. The digital camera that you should use should be just right for you. Keeping up with the Jones' tend to lead us to shooting ourselves in the foot, so when picking a camera no avoid frustration get something you can control without a lot of trouble. I cant accentuate enough how important it is to get a camera that fits your needs.

Compact cameras are easy to use and cheap by comparison to a few years back however lots of people are frightened by compact's thinking they might be too complicated. In reality a compact camera can be easy to use and should be easy to use. Selecting the correct one for the photography skill level thus remains a significant plus.

1.To begin with we suggest you do when speaking with us is to be completely honest about your level of photography knowledge and what you expect from the camera. The phrase horses for courses is entirely relevant for horses and cameras. Somewhat of a joke there and yet I do trust you understand my point.

2. Always purchase the latest model if it is affordable if there is a valuable upgrade in models. Buying the latest model is a better investment than buying an lackluster, used digital camera. If their are significant malfunctions that will be expensive to repair, any time you buy second hand cameras you will never know.

3. Having an extra memory card is a very clever course of action. You will not ever know when you will be needing extra memory for your compact camera and it is not possible for you to transfer all the pics in your camera into your computer. SD Memory cards are the best and the most favored card found in compacts nowadays and they are comparatively cheap. Remember to get a memory card for your camera or you simply will not be able of saving the shots. It is really a regularly overlooked digital camera accessory.

4. Not having enough battery power is one of the downfalls of our digital life no matter whether in your camera or another digital device. Compact cameras have a high 'draw' on camera batteries especially when you are using features such as the cameras built in flash. We recommend that you've got a spare when for example you are photographing a special event such as a wedding or a formal or party.

5. Last of all consider adding a camera bag for your brand-new camera to the budget allowed. You want your camera to do the job for you when you want it too, so having it knocked about and damaged isn't a great idea. Todays small camera bags are quite inexpensive and fashionable.

6. It is well worth remembering to take into account the small cost of the bag on your new compact camera. The bag does not only keep your camera safe from being scratched or crushed but additionally maintain it to remain clean and dust free. Would you like your camera to do the job when you really need it too or do you wish to be disenchanted? Its a simple thing however it is equally important.

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