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Nikon D850 Review

We are currently running a SPOT DEAL on the D850 which is by our checks the best price in Australia.

The following few paragraphs are our point of view (and we love it) but below you will find a pile of Youtube videos with independent reviewers doing their thing.

Update 15th December 2017. Stock of the Nikon D850 is now readily available. If you having difficulty finding stock then come and rely upon us.

Nikon has announced (August 2017) it's latest Full Frame DSLR, namely the Nikon D850. There has been plenty of guessing and rumours as to the specs (as there always is) of the Nikon D850 so let's put rumours aside and get down to the facts.

Having used the Nikon D850 and being literally blow away with the colour (not expecting much if at all of a change from my trusty Nikon D750, I am already putting the dollars aside. My hope is that early in 2018 I will be able to buy at a much better price nearly $4000. Or am I dreaming?

There are 45.7 mega pixels coming out of .... you get the idea, so Nikon is offering you the option of Raw files that can be Large Raw, Medium Raw and small Raw. Now at first thought you might think, why would you not take the largest file size that you can? and for me the answer is well a 20mp Raw file (if that is the small Raw) is probably plenty for most shooters. Let's face it, a magazine or newspaper will take a jpeg if they want the shot and they make it work. I personally think that the three Raw File options is a smart move when I consider the comments we have received from buyers of the Canon 5ds who often say that 50mp is just too big to manage and process. Anyway, well done Nikon

As far as frame rate / speed is concerned, full frame cameras have been "slow" ish when compared to crop sensor cameras such as the Nikon D500 and therefore not used as much for action shots such as sport or nature (birds in flight) and so on BUT the Nikon D850 body is about to change that thought. The Nikon D850 is capable of 7 frames per second without a battery grip and 9fps with a battery grip (Nikon MB-D18) when using the Nikon D5 battery. Nine frames for second is not slow in anyone's language. Remember that you will then need the Nikon D5 battery charger which is starting to get expensive.

The buffer on the Nikon D850 will take 50 plus frames before it gets clogged which even at 9fps is a lonnggggg time. So you are either very bad at judging the timing of an event or a heavy finger.

Equipped with 153 focus points of which 99 are cross points, you have to start to wonder how many more a photographer could possibly need or use with any efficiency.

The Nikon D850 takes both SD and XQD memory cards which is a good thing as Lexar has just pulled out of the memory card market and they made XQD cards which leaves only Sony XQD memory cards as your option. At least until Sandisk takes up the slack.

Built in wi-fi and bluetooth but alas no GPS ..

I put the following Nikon D850 introduction here as I like the images that they have taken to illustrate their Nikon D850 first look.

Thanks to DPReview for their Nikon D850 review and introduction.

So now that the Nikon D850 will belt out 9 frames per second if you kit it up with the battery grip and Nikon D5 battery, will you see more Sports Photographers using a full frame for sport and action?

And of course the still quality will be epic ...

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