Canon EOS 6d Mark II Body

Canon 6d Mark II Body

So what are the major differences between the new Canon 6d Mark II and it's predecessor the Canon 6d? There is a lot of changes, most of them not massive in themselves but when you add them up the Canon 6d Mark II is clearly a much more advanced camera. But, is the image quality any different? Let's address the technology differences first up.

The Canon 6d Mark II versus Canon 6d -
1. 26.2mp v 20.2mp.
2. Digic 7 v Digic 5+ processor claiming to be 15x faster.
3. Improve ISO range. 100-40000 v 100-25600
4. Tilt and swivel LCD screen. 4. Dual Pixel Autofocus.
5. 45 cross-focus autofocus points versus 11 autofocus ( a major win ).
6. Built in Digital Image Stabilisation versus Nil.
7. 6.5fps Raw v 4.4 fps ..hmmm better for sport but not a biggie.
8. 4k Time Lapse v Nil
9. Built in time lapse interval.

With all of these upgrades (most of which are impressive) is the image quality any different? Well in my opinion the change if any is minor. Yes there are a bunch of handy things like time lapse etc BUT that doesn't make the image quality any better. So is the new Canon 6d Mark II worth the extra money? Many customers have said that they think so and it is a good point and hard to argue against. In support of the original Canon 6d I put forward the most obvious argument, price and full frame. Bang on quality Canon L series lenses and you are out of here. My suggestion is to look at the upgrades and ask yourself if you would use them often or get the advantage to justify the much higher price tag. For me, I don't see the value and in fact I just put my 25 year old daughter into the original 6d and coupled it with last of the Canon 24-105mm lenses (version I). She is a very happy camper/shooter. Remember though that in the near future the Canon 6d will be gone for good making this discussion pointless.

Ok so as of April 2017 there is a lot of talk about an updated Canon EOS 6d, being a Canon 6d Mark II. Big deal you say, and I have to agree in terms of talk. There is always talk. Canon rumors is a business unto itself.

The reality is that there is ALWAYS a new model coming, always. If there wasn't a new model of anything coming, the manufacturer be soon out of business. Having said that, to entertain those keen on deliberating we have put a few of the Rumor Mill videos below.

My ten cents worth ... I cannot see Canon messing with it's sales of the Canon 5d Mark III and Mark IV yet. I think that they will replace the Canon 5d Mark III as it is discontinued, with a close is model being the Canon 6d Mark II, BUT this will not be a cheap camera and if that is the case then you can expect to see the Canon 6d on the market for at least another 18 months. Time will tell.