Canon EOS 90d Body

Canon EOS 90d Body

Stock of the Canon EOS 80d is still available to us but we have noticed that others, especially in Australia, are advertising them as "Limited Stock". Others are also offering the 80d at an extortionist price of $1500 suggesting to us that they are unable to get any more and are simply being greedy. We will continue to monitor an impending Canon 90d announcement. In the meantime you can still buy a 80d at under $1100 including GST which is superb buying.

Update 23rd December 2018. The Rumour Mill is on fire over the likely-hood of Canon announcing the 90d and the 7d Mark III very early in 2019. As I have previously (see below), it is all speculation until now. B+H in the USA is now listing the 7d ii as discontinued. More to come soon.

As usual everyone is in a hurry to bin a model that has been around for a while, as they eagerly lick their lips in anticipation.

All the rumours about it being full frame bla bla - no chance ... we have that covered with 6d ii and 5dIV. Greater video features, maybe 4k ??? would be the obvious thing so stay tuned. When we have something solid, we will post again.

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