Nikon D780 Body

Nikon D780 Body

Update February 2020. There is a new semi-pro full frame Nikon being announced and it is the Nikon D780. the D780 will soon replace the Nikon D750. The D780 will have the latest processor Expeed 6 which currently is in the mirrorless Nikon Z6 reducing more noise in the higher ISO range.

As the D780 is a semi-pro camera, Nikon have finally removed the pop up inbuilt flash. To be honest it is useless especially that you could get much better results from say a third party swivel headed speedlight eg Godox brand for under $200. !!

The exciting new edition to this camera for the videographers is 4K capability shooting at 30fps at full readout and frame rates and resolutions for eg 1080 at 120p.

Another great improvement is to be found in the Live View Mode. In live View Nikon again used the Nikon Z6 mirrorless technology helping focusing to be so much better. With Live View you can shoot silently due to its electronic shutter.

Other than adding bluetooth (snapbridge) to the existing WiFi the effective focus points are the same which was a little disappointing and adding just one extra megapixel made no sense but you can't have everything, besides, that will leave them something to tweek at for the next model.