Sony A7R II & III Mirrorless Cameras

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Sony A7R II & A7R III Mirrorless Cameras

As Sony continues to make inroads into the full frame arena, taking market share from the stronghold of the likes of Canon and Nikon DSLR's. The move to mirrorless is without doubt gaining momentum. We think that the A7R II will be what is remembered as the camera that broke the mirrorless into the dslr market.

Of late we have had Canon and Nikon lens owners lining up to buy the Sony A7R II body. They are using the metabone adapters (see our site) so that they can use their superb Canon L series and Nikon f2.8 Lenses on the new Sony Mirrorless. Interesting times ahead as the majors fight for camera market leadership.

We have found the following Youtube Sony A7R II Body review quite informative and we hope you do also.

There will be plenty of demand for the Metabone Smart Adapter when using say a Sigma / Canon / Nikon lens on your new Sony A7R II. At least you don't have to go out and buy new Sony lenses saving you a packet to say the least.

Please call us at Cameras Direct to talk any of this over as we want you to make the best choice when buying your new Sony Mirrorless Camera. Thanks for visiting us.