Haida 82mm NanoPro Interchangeable Magnetic VND Filter Kit

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Expand your creative horizons with the Haida 82mm NanoPro Interchangeable Magnetic VND Filter Kit. Achieve stunning long exposures, balance exposures in high contrast scenes, and control shutter speeds for captivating motion blur effects.

Its versatile magnetic design fits various lenses, while the NanoPro coating ensures exceptional image quality. Unleash your creativity and elevate your photography with Haida.

Haida 82mm NanoPro Interchangeable Magnetic VND Filter Kit


Unleash your creativity with the Haida 82mm NanoPro Interchangeable Magnetic VND Filter Kit. Achieve a wide range of effects and overcome photography challenges with ease. Control exposure settings by adjusting the variable neutral density (VND) filter, capturing stunning long-exposure shots in bright conditions.

Balance exposures in high-contrast scenes, preserve highlights, and enhance dynamic range. Control shutter speeds for creative motion blur effects or silky smooth water. Shoot with wider apertures in bright light, achieving shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh. The NanoPro coating minimizes reflections and ghosting, ensuring exceptional image quality. With its interchangeable magnetic design, it's versatile and convenient for various lenses.

The Haida NanoPro Interchangeable Magnetic VND Filter Kit combines a pair of variable neutral density filters with magnetic filter ring for a fast density adjustment range from 2 stops to 9 stops.

With the development of videos and the increase of video audiences, more and more amateur and professional photographers are not satisfied with the slow-shutter of high stop ND filters.

Made from high quality K9 optical glass and mounted in an aerospace aluminum frame, the Interchangeable Magnetic Variable ND filter from Haida is perfect for both still photography and video.

The magnetic attachment allows you to switch out filters in just seconds, and the ND stop numbers are displayed to help ensure accurate results.

Each filter features Haida's Nano coating on both sides, resulting an image with virtually no color cast, no vignetting, and no X pattern that can sometimes be found with other variable ND filters.

  • Magnetic interchangeable filter ring
  • Double-threaded aluminium filter ring accept front lens cap
  • Rotate filter ring to adjust the density effects
  • No X pattern, vignetting, or added color cast
  • For still photography and video


How to control shutter speed via variable ND filters and avoid rolling shutter effect, it is a strong need of consumers. After hundreds of researches and testings, Haida is launching the innovative Haida NanoPro Interchangeable Magnetic Variable ND Filter!

This filter specially added accurate stop numbers and magnetic attraction designs, which are rather easy when taking pictures because the filter can be changed just in one second! Moreover, this interchangeable variable ND filter is also highly recommended because of the performance and practicality. The 2-5 stops are perfect for taking videos and the 6-9 stops are dedicated to photography. It can be interchanged pretty fast, while the price is lower than 2 variable ND filters! 

Meanwhile, the waterproof nano-coating surface enables you to use underwater! By the way, the weight of the Interchangeable Magnetic Variable ND Filter is almost 9g lighter than the previous VND filter.

The Haida 82mm NanoPro Interchangeable Magnetic VND Filter Kit comes with a full Australian warranty from Haida Australia.

Cameras Direct since 2001. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. We look forward to being at your SERVICE Australia wide. We look forward to helping you take a better photo soon. Thank you

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Manufacturer Haida
Filter Type Variable Neutral Density
Filter Size 82mm
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