Haida M15 150x170mm Filter + Holder Soft Grad ND Kit HD4411

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With its soft gradient neutral density filters, you gain precise control over exposure and light balance, perfect for challenging lighting conditions. Experience superior image quality with high-quality optical glass and advanced coatings, ensuring sharpness and accurate colors.

The kit's versatility shines through its compatibility with various lenses and seamless adjustment capabilities. Embrace creative expression by adding depth and drama to your compositions, achieving well-balanced and captivating images. Take your photography to new heights with the HAIDA M15 150x170mm Filter + Holder Soft Grad ND Kit.

Haida M15 150x170mm Filter & Holder Soft Grad ND Kit


Achieve precise exposure control and balanced lighting in challenging conditions. Enjoy superior image quality with high-quality materials and advanced coatings. Benefit from versatility with compatibility across lenses and effortless adjustment. Add depth and drama to your compositions for captivating results.

Haida M15 Filter & Holder Kit

  • The Red Diamond series are the strongest filters we have made from optical glass so far! Through a fusion of the Nanopro technology and a special hardening process of the optical glass we have made a filter that is twice as strong. This Red Diamond filter is therefore much less sensitive to shocks and glass breakage.
  • Made of special optical glass and provided with a wafer-thin Nanopro multi-coating that protects the filter against scratches, water, oil and fingerprints. The filter is also easy to keep clean.
  • The filter has no detrimental color cast (Color Cast) and belongs to the elite of the ND filters.
  • R5 round design of the filter angles ensures easy handling of the filters.
  • The Red Diamond is the choice of the professional photographer or the amateur photographer who strives for optimum quality in their photography and material

In the Haida Red-Diamond Soft Grad ND Kit, 150x170mm box:

  • Red-Diamond Soft Grad ND0.6 Filter
  • Red-Diamond Soft Grad ND0.9 Filter
  • Red-Diamond Soft Grad ND1.2 Filter


The Haida M15 150x170mm Filter & Holder Soft Grad ND Kit comes with a full Australian warranty from Haida Australia.

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Manufacturer Haida
Filter Type Neutral Density, Graduated
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