Hoya 55mm Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter

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Elevate your photography with the Hoya 55mm Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter. Experience enhanced image quality with reduced reflections, vibrant colors, and increased contrast. The ultra-smooth frame rotation allows for precise adjustments and creative control.

Crafted with durability in mind, this filter protects your lens from dust, moisture, and scratches. Compatible with a variety of 55mm lenses, it is a versatile tool for photographers. Trust in the reputable Hoya brand known for its optical expertise. Capture breathtaking outdoor scenes with clarity and vividness. Upgrade your gear and unlock new creative possibilities with the Hoya 55mm Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter.

Hoya 55mm Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter

Here's why it's a valuable addition to your gear:

Stunning Image Quality: This filter effectively reduces reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces, delivering enhanced clarity, vibrant colors, and increased contrast in your images. It allows you to capture breathtaking landscapes, emphasize the depth of the sky, and create captivating outdoor shots.

Easy Adjustments: With the ultra-smooth frame rotation, you can conveniently adjust the filter to achieve the desired polarizing effect while shooting. This feature allows for precise control over the level of polarization, resulting in visually striking images.

Durability and Protection: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Hoya Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter is built to last. It serves as a protective barrier for your lens, guarding against dust, moisture, and scratches.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed for 55mm lenses, this filter is compatible with a wide range of camera lenses. Whether you have a prime or zoom lens, you can easily attach and utilize the benefits of the circular polariser filter.

Trusted Brand: Hoya is a renowned brand known for its optical expertise and commitment to producing high-quality camera accessories. With the Hoya Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter, you can trust in its reliability and performance.

By investing in the Hoya 55mm Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter, you'll achieve exceptional image quality, creative control, and protection for your lens. It's a valuable tool for photographers who want to elevate their work and capture stunning outdoor scenes with ease.


Your ONE and Only Polarizer

HOYA FUSION ONE NEXT is a renewed series of HOYA FUSION ONE filters based on the new HOYA optical technology. It is aimed to replace the long seller HOYA PRO1D series, which has been widely used by amateur and professional photographers all over the world. The word "ONE" in the naming of this series is left as legacy of HOYA PRO1D, in memory of its contribution to photographers' creativity, with the belief that this new series will serve as well for many decades ahead.

  • 18 coated layers drastically minimize ghosts and flares
  • Ultra-smooth frame rotation
  • Stain resistant - protects from fingerprints and smudges
  • Water repellent - easy to keep filter clean
  • HOYA's professional grade optical glass
  • HOYA exclusive two-piece, low-profile filter frame with front filter thread



One great effect of the FUSION ONE NEXT CIR-PL filter is the ability to enhance the color contrast. Through filtering out vertical light waves in the air, the colors in your picture, such as the blue of the sky and the green of the foliage, will look more defined through deeper and more natural color tones.

The ability of the FUSION ONE NEXT CIR-PL filter is not limited to enhancing the color contrast. It can also control and even completely remove reflections on various kinds of surfaces, such as glass, water or plastic.

The Hoya Fusion One Next Circular Polariser Filter comes with a full Hoya Australia warranty.

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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Circular Polarizer
Filter Size 55mm
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