Hoya 77mm HD MK II Circular Polariser Filter

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Unleash the full potential of your photography with the Hoya 77mm HD MKII Circular Polarizer Filter. Enhance colors, control glare, and minimize reflections for stunning images. Its advanced coating repels water, oil, and dirt, ensuring durability and clarity.

With 25% better light transmission, it maintains color accuracy in challenging lighting conditions. The slim profile ensures compatibility with a range of lenses. Elevate your photography with this powerful filter.

Hoya 77mm HD MK II CPL Filter


Unlock the true potential of your photography with the Hoya 77mm HD MKII Circular Polarizer Filter. Experience four compelling reasons to make this investment:

Superior Image Enhancement: This top-of-the-line filter enhances color saturation, minimizes reflections, and controls glare, resulting in stunningly vibrant and detailed images. It adds depth and dimension to landscapes, increases contrast in skies, and brings out the natural beauty of your subjects.

Advanced Coating: The HD MKII filter boasts a multi-layered coating that repels water, oil, and dirt, ensuring easy maintenance and prolonged durability. This coating also reduces ghosting and flares, delivering exceptional image clarity and contrast.

Excellent Light Transmission: With 25% better light transmission compared to standard polarizers, this filter optimizes the amount of light entering your lens while maintaining color accuracy. It allows you to capture well-balanced exposures in challenging lighting conditions.

Wide Compatibility: Designed with a 77mm filter thread, this circular polarizer is compatible with a variety of lenses, making it a versatile addition to your photography gear. Its slim profile prevents vignetting on wide-angle lenses.

A circular polarizing filter allows you to create unique effects in your image which are not possible to create via postproduction, such as enhancing color contrasts and controlling reflections.

Equipped with a UV-absorbing high transparency polarizing film, the HD Mk II CIR-PL has 25% better light transmission than standard polarizing film used in current photographic filters.

This means that nearly 1/2 stop more light is entering the lens while yielding the same polarization effect, maintaining color balance while improving contrast and clarity.


Since light reflected from non-metallic surfaces polarizes, the HOYA HD Mk II CIR-PL filter makes it possible to control which light enters the lens, giving you more creative avenues to improve your image.

One such avenue is the reduction of reflections, for example, on water surfaces. With the HOYA HD Mk II CIR-PL, you can greatly control and remove reflections, allowing you to show the natural colors and details of submerged objects.

It is also possible to reduce reflections from glass surfaces, allowing you to see through glass windows. This way, you can make out the interior of buildings!


This filter is not limited to surface light reflection control. Light waves reduce clarity and saturation of certain colors, making them appear hazed in the final photo.

The HOYA HD Mk II CIR-PL also filters these light waves, greatly enhancing color contrast, and making skies and green foliage look more defined through deeper and more natural color tones.

Using the HD Mk II CIR-PL is a great and easy way to achieve better results in your photos which are difficult and time-consuming to do in postproduction. The overall extremely high quality of the filter makes it a perfect fit for advanced and professionals who want to achieve the highest standard in their images.

This Hoya 77mm HD MK II CPL Filter comes with a full Australian warranty from Hoya Australia.

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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Circular Polarizer
Filter Size 77mm
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