Hoya Pro ND64 Neutral Density Filter - 82mm

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Its 6-stop light reduction allows for longer exposures in bright conditions, unlocking creative potential for stunning motion blur and shallow depth of field. With accurate color reproduction and high-quality optics, this filter ensures exceptional image quality.

Its durable construction and compatibility with various lenses make it a reliable companion. Take control of light and elevate your photography to new heights with the Hoya Pro ND64 filter.

Hoya Pro ND64 Neutral Density Filter - 82mm

The Hoya Pro ND64 Neutral Density Filter in 82mm size offers several benefits for photographers and videographers:

Light Control: The ND64 filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens by 6 stops, allowing you to achieve longer exposures even in bright conditions. This is particularly useful for capturing motion blur, creating smooth water effects, or achieving a shallow depth of field in daylight.

Versatility: With the ND64 filter, you can use wider apertures or slower shutter speeds in bright environments without overexposing your image. This opens up creative possibilities for portraits, landscape photography, and long exposure shots.

Neutral Coloration: The Hoya Pro ND64 filter ensures accurate color reproduction without introducing color casts, maintaining the true colors of your subject.

High-Quality Optics: The filter is crafted with precision to deliver excellent image quality. It minimizes flare and ghosting, enhancing contrast and sharpness in your photos and videos.

Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the Hoya Pro ND64 filter is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection for your lens.

Compatibility: The 82mm size makes it suitable for a wide range of lenses, providing flexibility and convenience for photographers and videographers using various camera systems.

Investing in the Hoya Pro ND64 Neutral Density Filter - 82mm will elevate your photography and videography by giving you greater control over light, expanding your creative possibilities, and producing stunning results.

This Hoya Pro ND64 Neutral Density Filter - 82mm comes with a full warranty from Hoya Australia.

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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Neutral Density
Filter Size 82mm
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