Hoya Pro ND8 Neutral Density Filter - 49mm

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The smaller threaded ND Pro1d filter from Hoya. ND8 is 3 stops of light and a great place to start to build up your Neutral Density filter collection.

Hoya Pro ND8 Neutral Density Filter - 49mm

The Hoya Neutral Density PRO Filters are a useful filter to have in the lens kit. This filter will reduce the amount of light passing through the lens by a factor of three stops. This filter is primarily used to create a shallower depth of field, allowing the lens to remain at a fast speed. Alternatively this lens can be used to increase exposure time for long exposure photography.

This Hoya Pro ND8 Neutral Density Filter - 49mm comes with a full warranty from Hoya Australia.

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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Neutral Density
Filter Size 49mm
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