Hoya Starscape Filter - 67mm

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Remove the city glare and white glow so you can cut through and see the starry sky without going bush. Or if you do go bush, the results will be even that much better. Full range of Hoya Starscape Filter for all sizes are here.

Hoya Starscape Filter - 67mm

Light Pollution Cut Filter

Designed for night scape photography, the HOYA STARSCAPE filter reduces light pollution generated by artificial lights common in cities.

The HOYA STARSCAPE cuts light transmission in the area of the spectrum that is usually associated with light pollution from Sodium and Mercury-vapor lights common to most cities world-wide. Thus, the filter provides a more clear image with natural colors and improved contrast in the night sky.

The filter cuts off in the most natural way the transmission of light spectrum that is frequently presented in city environments and usually associated with Sodium and Mercury-vapor lights.


  • Reduces yellowish and greenish color cast from artificial city lights.
  • Natural color reproduction and improved contrast overall.
  • Compatible with wide and super-wide angle lenses.
  • Low profile frame.

Other similar filters that cut light pollution by special glass coating can produce color shift especially when used with wide or super wide angle lenses. The HOYA STARSCAPE filter achieves the same result by using a special glass formula, thus no color shift occurs even at wide or super wide angles.

The main genre of utilization of the HOYA STARSCAPE filter is night landscape where the ground and sky are positioned in one composition. The natural colors the sky are truthfully reproduced while other objects left unaffected.

The HOYA STARSCAPE filter is quite helpful in time lapse shooting. By cutting light pollution directly during the shooting process, the amount of time necessary in post processing will be significantly reduced.

Please Note:

  1. Light pollution cut filter HOYA STARSCAPE does not cut 100% of light coming from Sodium and Mercury-vapor lights.
  2. Polluted light is a mixture of different unwanted light spectrums. HOYA STARSCAPE filter cannot cut all the polluted light spectrums.

The Hoya Starscape Filter - 67mm comes with a full Australian warranty.

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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Size 67mm
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