iFootage Cobra 3 A180T Aluminium Twist lock Monopod

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Capture stability and mobility with the iFootage Cobra 3 A180T Aluminium Twist lock Monopod. This lightweight and portable monopod offers a range of benefits for photographers and videographers. Its twist lock mechanism ensures quick and secure adjustments, providing stability for steady shots and smooth panning. Whether you're a travel photographer, wildlife enthusiast, or event shooter, this monopod offers convenience and support on the go. It's perfect for capturing sharp images in challenging environments or while maneuvering through crowds. The sturdy construction and versatility make it suitable for sports photography and videography as well. With the iFootage Cobra 3 A180T monopod, you can elevate your photography or videography game, achieving professional-level stability without the bulk of a tripod. Invest in this reliable accessory and unleash your creative potential.

iFootage Cobra 3 A180T Aluminium Twist lock Monopod

CB3 A180T

Timing is crucial. That's why Cobra 3 makes switching lenses easier so you can adapt faster, no matter whether you need stability for your zoom lens or motion for your close-ups.

iFootage is always working on new, innovative ways to improve user experience. That's why we're proud to unveil the Cobra 3, our latest entry in our long line of improving camera technology and your content.

Locking and freeing your device is just a click away. Simply push down the lock sleeve to release the lock and pop the Cobra 3 back into the base to automatically secure it. Easy.

Get even more control over your content thanks to Cobra 3's compatibility with the Cobra 2 series of products. Give your previous equipment new life by using them alongside the Cobra 3's brand-new improvements and innovations.

Adapting to your environment means adapting your style which is why the Cobra 3's modular design lets you change your set-up when you want, how you want.

Whether you're a long distance wildlife photographer, or an up close sports videographer, the Cobra 3 removes barriers to take your content to the next level.

Double the body as a walking pole for when difficult terrain stands between you and the new shot.

Changing from different angles has never been easier; switch effortlessly between shooting from ground level to higher up with a click.

Stabilization with even more control: the quick release platform connects to the bottom of your gimbal helping you reach new heights

An ecology of harmony. The Cobra 3 can be used with anything from phone mounts, C4 lights, seastars and much, much more.

At 69cm, the lightweight and detachable rods fit easily into carry cases and even its own, original storage bag.

From capturing starry night skies to close-ups of the wildlife, the unique tilting action lets you adjust your view with smooth control and unrivalled stability.

Swoop, swing and jive with fluid motion. Combine the 90° tilt with a 360° rotation to get slick, stylish movement. No more bulky Gimbels or cumbersome counterweights, just point, shoot, and move. The lightweight, compactable Cobra 3 means you can unlocks your full potential whenever, wherever, you want.

With one-button you can switch between 3 height adjustments to adapt to any situation without a second thought, from sandy dunes to gravel tracks and rain slick rocks.

We've built on the success of the original Cobra 3 design by adding an additional lock design, giving you a one-handed, quick-action locking-system.

Faster speed and lighter weight means a better experience, all thanks to the secure twist-lock sleeve.

The brand new design means that your increased deployment speed is stronger than ever. And with our specially designed twist lock, it will always remain intact no matter how loose its turned.

Adjusting and carrying is better than ever thanks to the ergonomic design, light frame and state-of-the-art locking system.

A removable wrist strap gives you the power to be more confident or adventurous whenever you want.

With the innovative and adaptable screw mount system, you have the world of devices and accessories is at your fingertips.

Stand out from the crowd with the Cobra 3 series thanks to its sturdy height of 180cm, capturing eye-level shots with ease. Plus, you can reach newer heights of 190cm by adding the K5S.

The clip-on wrench lets you tighten and maintain the buckles without having to carry extra tools. Just one more thing you don't need to worry about.

The iFootage Cobra 3 A180T Aluminium Twist lock Monopod comes with a full Australian warranty.

Cameras Direct since 2001. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. We look forward to helping you take a better photo soon. Thank you.

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More Information
Manufacturer iFootage
Manufacturer Part Number CB3 A180T
Primary Colour Black
Maximum Load 8 kg
Maximum Height 182 cm
Minimum Height 69 cm
Leg Sections 4
Product Weight 1.25 kg
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