Cameras Direct is the #Rotolight Australia approved reseller with all the Rotolight products listed and covered by full Rotolight Australia warranty.

Rotolight is a UK company have come to the party to produce an outstanding range of LED lighting systems for use in photography and all forms of video whether for home use or broadcast quality.

The primary LED floodlight range is called "Anova" which you will be pleased to hear are 100% flicker free, dream words for the videographer.

At Cameras Direct we recognise the massive upsurge in video. It is clear that the DSLR manufacturers are also well and truly on board as they are upping their game in full HD video from a DSLR.

Of course there is a full range of accessories to go along with the Anova LED lights.

If you aren't sure about which is the best Rotolight LED or accessory for your purposes, please do give us a call. We would love to help you.