Haida 72mm NanoPro Black Mist 1/4 Filter HD465172

Haida-72mm-NanoPro-Black Mist-1-4-Filter
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The Haida 72mm NanoPro Black Mist 1/4 Filter is ideal for photography and videography, offering a soft and dreamy effect. It reduces contrast while maintaining sharpness, resulting in a romantic glow and diffused highlights.

This filter adds an atmospheric quality, particularly enhancing landscapes and portraits. It also reduces clarity, giving a vintage or film-like appearance. Perfect for creative expression, it allows experimentation in various genres, such as fashion or portraits. Remember, results may vary based on camera settings, lighting, and composition. Experimentation is key to achieving the desired effect.

Haida 72mm NanoPro Black Mist 1/4 Filter


The Haida 72mm NanoPro Black Mist 1/4 Filter is a versatile tool for photographers and videographers seeking to add a soft and dreamy effect to their work. With its ability to reduce contrast while preserving sharpness, the filter creates a romantic and ethereal glow in images or videos. It imparts a subtle yet captivating atmospheric quality, making landscapes and portraits more visually appealing.

Additionally, the filter lowers clarity, providing a vintage or film-like appearance that adds character and nostalgia to the visuals. Whether it's for fashion shoots, portraits, or other creative endeavors, this filter offers ample room for experimentation and artistic expression. Keep in mind that results may vary depending on camera settings, lighting conditions, and composition, so don't hesitate to explore different scenarios to achieve the desired effect.

The Haida NanoPro Black Mist 1/4 Filter reduces highlights & lowers overall contrast while softening wrinkles & blemishes for a warm, romantic feeling.

  • Reduces Highlights and Lowers overall contrast
  • Softens Wrinkles and Blemishes
  • Conveys a warm, romantic feeling
  • Aluminium Alloy Filter Ring
  • Available in 52, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 & 82mm
  • Available density: 1/4 & 1/8

The Haida NanoPro Black Mist 1/4 Filter helps to create a soft quality "pastel" like lighting. It can soften wrinkles, spots, pores, etc.

This filter presents delicate and rich effects. It softens the light effect of facial details whilst maintaining the details of the character's hair and eyes.

When using this filter under dim lighting, it gives the feeling of an old chronological movie, captures a wider range of visual information, and eliminates the need for post-processing images.

This Haida 72mm NanoPro Black Mist 1/4 Filter comes with a full warranty from Haida Australia.

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Manufacturer Haida
Filter Size 72mm
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