Rode SC6 Dual TRRS input and headphone output for smartphones

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Capture professional-quality audio with your smartphone using the Rode SC6. This compact and portable device features dual TRRS inputs, allowing you to connect multiple audio sources simultaneously. With the built-in headphone output, you can monitor your recordings in real-time and ensure optimal audio levels. The individual level controls for each input provide precise audio control, resulting in a balanced mix.

Designed by the trusted brand Rode, the SC6 offers exceptional audio quality and durability. It's perfect for interviews, podcasts, or any scenario where you need versatile audio recording options. Enhance your smartphone's audio capabilities affordably with the Rode SC6 and elevate your recordings to a professional level.

Rode SC6

recordings with your smartphone. By connecting external microphones or audio sources to the dual TRRS inputs, you can achieve clearer, more detailed sound compared to the built-in smartphone microphone.

Versatile Recording Options: The dual TRRS inputs on the SC6 give you the flexibility to record with multiple audio sources simultaneously. This is particularly useful for interviews, podcasts, or scenarios where you want to capture audio from different sources. It opens up creative possibilities and ensures that you don't miss out on any important moments.

Real-Time Monitoring: The SC6's built-in headphone output allows you to monitor the audio being recorded in real-time. This feature enables you to ensure optimal audio levels, detect any potential issues, and make adjustments on the spot. Real-time monitoring enhances the quality and accuracy of your recordings.

Easy Audio Control: With individual level controls for each input, the SC6 puts you in complete control of the audio recording process. You can easily adjust the audio levels of each source independently, ensuring a balanced mix and preventing any clipping or distortion.

Compact and Portable: The SC6 is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable. It easily fits into your pocket or camera bag, allowing you to take it anywhere you go. Whether you're recording on location or traveling, the SC6 is a convenient and reliable companion.

Trusted Rode Quality: Rode is renowned for its high-quality audio equipment, and the SC6 is no exception. By choosing the Rode SC6, you can rely on the brand's reputation for producing durable, reliable, and professional-grade audio gear.

Cost-Effective Solution: The Rode SC6 offers an affordable solution for enhancing the audio capabilities of your smartphone. It provides a significant improvement in audio quality and versatility without the need for expensive recording equipment.

The Rode SC6 empowers you to capture exceptional audio recordings with your smartphone, whether you're a content creator, journalist, podcaster, or simply someone who wants to elevate their mobile recording capabilities. It's a practical and valuable investment that will significantly enhance your audio recording experience and deliver outstanding results.

This Rode SC6 Dual TRRS input and headphone output for smartphones comes with a full warranty from Rode Australia.

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